Congratulations on your engagement!

We design beautiful graphics for weddings. No matter your budget!

You're about to have the best day of your life!

A day where it's all about you. When you're friends and family come together for one reason, to celebrate your marriage!

But then the planning begins...

Dresses, suits, ceremony venues, reception venues. You have to book an officiant, hire a  photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ/band, florist, and planner. And that's only the beginning!

That's where we come in

Let us tell you a little more about us

Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are Joshua James and Hannah Grace Edmonds and we got married only a little while ago. So trust us, we know EXACTLY how you're feeling right now.

We were so excited to get married!

But then we realized just how many things needed to be organized and how many little things needed to be planned. We watched as the cost for all these things grew and grew...

Luckily for us

Josh was a freelance graphic designer and Hannah was an administrator, so using our skills we were able to get most of the work done for ourselves, without having to pay someone else.

But it got us thinking...

How on earth could anyone afford to get married these days without being a graphic designer? You have to cover all the expenses for the beautiful dresses, the amazing food, the gorgeous venue, not to mention all the graphic design work you need!

The cost really adds up

You need invites, save the dates, menus, seating charts, run sheets, RSVP websites, envelopes, the list goes on and on. And hiring a designer can make the cost go through to roof!

That's when grace & James was born

Our goal is to provide affordable graphic design solutions for your wedding. We learnt a lot when we got married, and now we want to help take some of the stress (and the cost) out of your special day.

How we work

Hannah does the hand written calligraphy and handles the admin side of things. Josh gets the rest of the design work done, and builds the websites.

Allow us to help take some of the stress (and the cost) from your shoulders

We are confident we can find an affordable design solution for your wedding.

Here are some of the things we can help you with

Ultimately, we'd just love to connect with you and chat about what you might need! Flick us an email! We'd love to just get in touch. No obligations, no pressure.


Handwritten calligraphy and custom sizes.


These days, lots of couples have websites for people to RSVP and find more detailed information.

Save The Dates

You want to make sure everyone you invite is able to come to the wedding and has the day set aside. So it's a really good idea to get a save the date out early.


Seating plans, directions, drink labels etc. You need a lot of signage of the day to help people get around.


Often your venue will supply your own menus. But occasionally couples will create their own to keep within their graphic theme for the day.

Table Numbers

You have to let people know where to sit!

And More!

You're probably already thinking of a tonne of other things you might need.

Contact Us

We'd love to connect and simply chat about what you might need and how we can help. Leave us your details below and we will get back to you.

(p.s this will not sign you up to a mailing list! Your inbox is probably full of those already!)

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